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Single axis prosthetic foot

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Single axis prosthetic foot

Article No :  AS12


Body weight up to :100 kg

Color : Begei and Brown

Heel height 10cm and with flat curve sole




Single axis ankle foot: has plantar flexion function when the heel touches the ground, and has a slight dorsiflexion function during the kick-off period. Elastic soles make the stride more complete.


Generally speaking, the movable ankle has an advantage over the static ankle. After the patient wears it, the weight-bearing activity has one more movable joint than the static ankle. The walker feels more comfortable, and it is less prone to fatigue. The residual limb wear will be lighter than the static ankle.

The disadvantage of moving ankles compared to static ankles is that the price of the same specification is higher, because there are movable joints and it is more prone to wear and failure of the prosthesis than the latter.