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Shoe-type Partial Foot Prosthesis and  Leg-type partial foot prosthesis

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Shoe-type partial foot prosthesis and  Leg-type partial foot prosthesis

 Shoe-type partial foot prosthesis, also known as boot-shaped false half-foot, is a partial foot prosthesis used with orthopedic shoes. It is mostly used for patients with plantar amputation, tarsometatarsal joint amputation, plantar pain or foot deformity, and can also be customized according to the requirements of patients (especially those who are used to wearing leather boots). The difference between it and ordinary orthopedic shoes is that this kind of shoes should have the compensatory function of tarsometatarsal joint; In addition, when it is difficult to push backwards when walking with this kind of shoes, a boat bottom (rocking palm) or metatarsal bar can be added to the sole.


 Leg-type partial foot prosthesis is a product combined with leg orthosis or leg prosthesis, which is mostly used for patients with severe functional loss or foot deformity after partial foot amputation. For example, tarsometatarsal joint amputation and appendectomy. After this kind of amputation, the heel tends to tilt inward and backward, and the bearing function of the residual limb is not good (the residual limb hurts when stepping on the ground, and the skin is easy to break). In this case, leg orthosis or leg prosthesis should be selected as part of foot prosthesis. The leg orthosis type used to be a bracket type, which used leather to make a receiving cavity, which was bonded with the rubber front foot, then reinforced with metal braces, and fixed on the leg with a tightening belt. It has the disadvantages of heavy weight and easy atrophy of calf muscles. Nowadays, they are mostly made of thermoplastic plates, such as shoehorn type. When the residual limb can't bear the weight, it needs to use the patellar ligament to bear the weight just like the leg prosthesis, the receiving cavity is opened with a window according to the practice of Syme prosthesis, and the front foot is made of polyurethane or rubber half-foot. This kind of partial foot prosthesis can actually be regarded as a special leg prosthesis.