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Prosthetic leg installation guide

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Prosthetic leg installation guide

After 2 weeks of amputation, the prosthetic leg installation work will be started, including residual limb shaping, functional exercise, etc. It takes more than half a year for the residual limb to be shaped naturally. Using some methods to promote the shaping of the residual limb can shorten the shaping time of the residual limb to 2-3 months.


      Procedure of prosthesis installation:

      After the patient's physical and residual limb conditions are suitable for the installation of the prosthesis, he should first go to the prosthesis installation unit for inspection, and the professional technical and business personnel will give the diagnosis and prescription. Then configure the prosthesis according to the prescription type. Must go through the following procedures:

      1. Residual limb shaping and residual limb training: use elastic bandages or temporary prostheses to shape. Training EMG or leg muscle strength, balance, etc.

      2. Take the mold: usually wrap the residual limb with a plaster bandage, and remove the female mold of the residual limb. There are many other methods, such as air pressure acquisition, computer scanning acquisition and so on.

      3. Prosthesis assembly: Assemble the selected prosthesis components according to specific technical requirements, including various alignment processes.

      4. Try-on: The patient tries on the prosthesis for debugging, such as dynamic alignment.

      5. Training: functional exercise after wearing the prosthesis.

      6. Rehabilitation evaluation: The technical and management personnel of the assembly unit will give an objective evaluation of the effect of the assembly and use of the prosthesis, and inform the patient of the points of attention in the use of the prosthesis.